Queer Spawned, pt. 7 – “Did You Ever Wish Your Dad Wasn’t Gay?”

I stand in front of a group of 30 teenagers and two teachers. I’m all grown up, in my 3rd or 4th year of University, giving a small workshops to… Continue reading

Queer Spawned, pt.5 – “That’s Gay!”

It wasn’t long after moving in with my dad and his partner at 16 years old that I met my first boyfriend. “Do you mind if we stopped by the… Continue reading

Queer Spawned, pt. 4 – “You’re a Lesbian!”

“I know why you moved in with your dad!” It had only been a few weeks since I had settled in with my dad and his partner, much to my… Continue reading

Queer Spawned, pt.3 – “My Uncle is NOT a fag!”

Luke*name changed was never a very outspoken boy. Never got overly involved with my torment. He certainly emphatically approved the insults and criticism, and sometimes served as a human barrier when I tried… Continue reading