Interview with All About E star, Mandahla Rose


Mandahla Rose is an Australian actor known for your role in All About E.  We were lucky enough to interview her.  Ladies, she has a motorbike and an Australian accent…just saying.

LezTalk: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?  Where are you from?

Mandahla: I come from Adelaide in South Australia.  It’s well known for its wine regions and incredible beaches.  And I’m just a girl wanting to follow my dreams in this crazy world.

LezTalk: What song best describes your life?

Mandahla: That’s an interesting question, because I don’t actually listen to the lyrics when I listen to music.  I just listen to the beat. And if you were to ask me what is my favourite kind of music, I couldn’t answer that either.  I like all kinds music.

LezTalk: How did you get into acting?

Mandahla: I have wanted to be an actor since I knew what an actor was.  I was told that it was a cut-throat business to get into but I was determined to follow my dreams anyway.  And here I am!

LezTalk: Do you feel like there are similarities between you and the role that you
played in All About E?

Mandahla: I think that there are similarities in every role that I play.  Personally, I feel that for my performance to be believable, I need to find that alignment between myself and my character.

LezTalk: What was your favourite part about playing the role of E?

Mandahla: Every part of it was awesome!  I was able to be on set for 5 weeks straight, work with like minded people and help create something that I wanted to be a huge part of.  It was absolutely incredible.

all about e-Mandahla Rose

LezTalk: What was your toughest role?

Mandahla: I find this question difficult to answer because I haven’t found any of my roles to be tough.  I find the expectation to do well probably the hardest thing.  It’s my chosen career.  This is what I have chosen to do with my life, so I have to bring it to every character.  The roles are easy.  The expectation is tough.

LezTalk: Who is your favourite actor/actress?

Mandahla: I absolutely adore Drew Barrymore.  She’s had it rough and despite all the media and shit that has been thrown at her, she has risen to the top and has become this incredibly grounded woman. Well, from an outsiders point of view.

LezTalk: What sort of acting roles do you hope to perform in the future?

Mandahla: I have a habit of choosing characters that are incredibly strong independent women and I will always jump at those roles; But my dream role would be to play a villain!

LezTalk: What do you like doing for fun?

Mandahla: I love to do all sorts of things for fun and I could list it all, but we would be here for hours. One thing that I do love doing is working on my car and motorbike.  I don’t mind being a grease monkey at all.

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