Queer Spawned, pt. 7 – “Did You Ever Wish Your Dad Wasn’t Gay?”

I stand in front of a group of 30 teenagers and two teachers. I’m all grown up, in my 3rd or 4th year of University, giving a small workshops to… Continue reading

Queer Spawned, pt.5 – “That’s Gay!”

It wasn’t long after moving in with my dad and his partner at 16 years old that I met my first boyfriend. “Do you mind if we stopped by the… Continue reading

Queer Spawned, pt. 4 – “You’re a Lesbian!”

“I know why you moved in with your dad!” It had only been a few weeks since I had settled in with my dad and his partner, much to my… Continue reading

Queer Spawned, pt.3 – “My Uncle is NOT a fag!”

Luke*name changed was never a very outspoken boy. Never got overly involved with my torment. He certainly emphatically approved the insults and criticism, and sometimes served as a human barrier when I tried… Continue reading

Queer Spawned, pt. 2 – “Do You Know How Your Dad Has Sex?”

Leaving my childhood home was, by far, one of the most heartbreaking things of my early years. Kindergarten hadn’t quite let go for Christmas break yet and I found myself being… Continue reading

Queer Spawned, pt.1 – “My Daddy is a Homosexual!”

I was sitting on a cardboard drawing of an apple surrounded by a dozen of new faces. A tall blonde woman sat on a red chair far too small for… Continue reading

Welcome to ‘Queer Spawned’

Hard to believe it was more than 4 months ago since I last published “I Couldn’t Choose to be a Lesbian“. I am so grateful to LezTalk for offering me… Continue reading