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Hard to believe it was more than 4 months ago since I last published “I Couldn’t Choose to be a Lesbian“. I am so grateful to LezTalk for offering me this platform.

As the straight daughter in a queer family, I am a fervent ally and experienced a lot of homophobia, and yet I still identify as straight in a society that greatly privileges straight identities. This intersection of identities has often caused much confusion and anxiety as it often puts me in the awkward position to justify, to both the LGBTI and the general “straight” communities, my affiliation and identity within the LGBTI movements.

I have been greatly blessed to have parents who have helped me navigate the communities and come out a great adult ally and activist. I believe there is lot that can be learned from the experiences of LGBTI people (or “Queer spawns”) especially for LGBTI parents, to-be parents or straight allies wishing to raise LGBTI-friendly children.

It is with this in mind that I began writing “Queer Spawned” a few years ago and I am now proud to introduce the series to LezTalk:

Part 1: “My Daddy’s a Homosexual”
Explaining Queer identities to pre-school children, and  preparing schools and educators for Queer-friendly classrooms.

Part 2: “Do You Know How Your Dad Has Sex?”
School-aged children, bullying and discussing sexuality.

Part 3: “My Uncle is NOT a Fag!”
Participating in community, and respecting privacy.

Part 4: “You’re a Lesbian!”
Self-identification, sexual exploration  and consent for teens and pre-teens

Part 5: “That’s Gay!”
Identifying micro-aggressions, bullying and  harassment.

Part 6: “I think I might be gay!”
Supporting Queer children and peer. Identifying and  creating safe-spaces.

Part 7: “Did you ever wish your dad wasn’t gay?”
Handling difficult and unforeseeable questions with thoughtful and nuanced responses.

Each of us have a role to play in raising the youth: giving birth to them, adopting them, raising them, teaching them, mentoring them, investing in them and inspiring them. I look forward to sharing with you my memories, my experiences and the lessons I have learned in the LGBTI-affirming movement and I hope “Queer Spawned” will play its role in raising the next generation of thoughtful compassionate humans.




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  1. As a mother to two daughters who came out late in life I had a lot of anxiety over coming out to my children, and fears over what they might face from their peers regarding our family structure.

    I am so happy that you have decided to publish this series and I will be reading and sharing as you proceed with Queer Spawned.

    Thank you Stephanie for taking the time to pull this together and to LezTalk for publishing it.

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